– How to Respond to a Capital One Get My Card Offer

You may have received, in your mail, a credit card offer from Capital One. You may then want to respond to that offer: by applying for the credit card. In that case, what you need to do is visit the ‘Get My Offer’ page on the Capital One website. Once you get there, you will need to enter some details from the offer letter, in order to initiate the application process.

You will have noticed that the credit card offer letter from Capital One has a ‘reservation number’ and an ‘access code’. As such, having received the offer letter from Capital one, all you have to do is visit the ‘Get My Offer’ page on the Capital One website. Then you would be able to initiate the application process — which may culminate in you getting the desired credit card.

How to access the ‘Get My Offer’ page on the Capital One website

The website address (also known as the URL) for the ‘Get My Offer’ page is So this is the address you need to enter into your browser, in order to access that particular page.

Details you need to enter, while responding to a Capital One credit card offer

On the ‘Get My Offer’ page of the Capital One website, you are required to enter a couple of details. The first of those is the reservation number, and this is usually a 16-digit number. The second one is the access code, and this is usually a 6-digit number. Both details are found on the credit card ‘offer letter’ from Capital One — typically on the bottom part of the letter.

Steps you need to follow, while responding to a Capital One credit card offer

There are 3 key steps that you need to follow, while responding to a Capital One credit card offer.

Firstly, you (obviously) need to enter the address – also known as the URL – for the ‘Get My Offer’ page, so as to have the page load on your browser. Now, as we mentioned earlier, the address that takes you to the Capital One website’s ‘Get My Offer’ page is So you just enter that address into your browser, and your browser takes you to the webpage.

When you get to the ‘Get My Offer’ page on the Capital One website, you will find spaces provided for you to enter your reservation number and access code. Both details are found on the offer letter, and yours is just to enter them into the respective spaces.

Having entered the reservation number and access code, the next step is to click on the ‘Get Started’ button, whereupon the credit card application process will start. This is a process that would hopefully culminate in you being issued with the Capital One credit card that was offered to you via mail.

How to Apply for GetmyOffer through the Phone

Just as you can apply for Capital One credit card at website, you can also apply for it over the phone. The Phone application are for the customers that don’t have access to the website. The getmyoffer contact number is  1-866-.

If you call the number, you will be advised to apply online at Capital One site because it is faster and you can get a decision within 1 minute. A phone application means that you will have to talk to a representative and that might take up to 15 mins to complete the application. But applicants under 21 years old have to apply online because they need to submit a written consent


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